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Why I offer wellness sessions

Most humans are very social creatures, we benefit from support and guidance when we are trying out new things.

In a group workshop or 1:1 session we are encouraged to try new activities and experiences and we are more likely to continue good habits and over time develop a 'have a go' attitude.

I particularly like to offer outdoor wellness sessions:

Having worked with people of all ages and backgrounds in every career I have had, I have observed how the environment has a huge influence on the mood, behaviour and beliefs of individuals and groups.


I believe that being outside grounds people, helps them relax and have fun. They become more curious about themselves and the world and check in with their values and goals.

How did I get here?

My route to outdoor wellness

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I left mainstream teaching as a high school chemistry teacher after ten years and qualified as a L3 Forest School Leader with NWOL at the lovely Bodfari Woodland Skills Centre. The ethos of forest school really appealed to me, learning in an outdoor environment through structured tasks and free play.


Since then I have boosted my skills learning from Welsh Athletics, Campfire Cymru and Outside Lives how to design sessions that are inclusive and supportive.


I have worked with adults and children with a variety of interests and abilities to design party sessions, educational sessions, team building and wellbeing days.


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