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Couch to Trail

What do I wear? Where do I go? How do I warm up? What is good technique?

All questions people ask when new to exploring trails and footpaths.

Combining mindfulness practices and running or walking techniques.

This course can be adapted for groups and individuals new to trails looking to explore walking or running off-road and experienced runners who are curious about improving their running practice or needing inspiration.

There's nothing quite like running on trails, in mountains and fells.

I genuinely believed I couldn't run and didn't enjoy it at all, my family were genuinely mystified when at the age of 33 I took up running!

Memories of miserable cross-country, a stitch and coming last in sports day races, I hated running.... then my friend showed me how to run and a whole new world opened up to me...running clubs, races, social runs, endorphins! it has taken me to places so wild and beautiful I never imagined possible.

You can run, walk, jog and research shows it only takes 5 minutes of jogging per day to experience the health benefits.

Image by David Marcu

Couch to trail sessions are tailored to the ability and interest of the individuals or groups that are involved. Sessions are usually 1.5 hours, you learn how to warm up, run with good technique and cool down effectively and have fun.

You have every right to put on a pair of trainers (or go barefoot) no matter your size, shape or ability. You will not be humiliated or compared to others, you will be challenged and will make progress at your own pace. We address the mental processes, fears and false beliefs that lead you to believe that you can't enjoy the trails.

You will feel motivated, inspired and surprised by your own ability.

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