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Ground yourself and release tension from the body and mind allowing it to naturally rest and recover.


3D Lifting Facial Massage

3D lifting massage technique is a unique blend of three types of massage: back and neck, scalp and facial (including buccal)

This technique is specifically designed to produce results after just one session improving skin elasticity and firmness, reducing puffiness and bags under the eyes, tightening facial contour and reducing appearance of double chin


We work with the back and neck to reduce tension, stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve overall circulation and facial muscle tone.  Good posture and mobility of the neck promotes lymph drainage and allows the facial muscles to relax, reducing tension in the skin above.

We use our faces to chew, take in information, express how feel and relate to others; we can store a lot of tension in the tiny muscles around the eyes and forehead leading to wrinkles over time. Massaging the face helps to release points of tension, reduce appearance of wrinkles, and tighten the facial oval.  It has also been shown to be beneficial for those who tend to grind the teeth and grit the jaw.


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Your body is designed to heal itself - from cuts and bruises on the skin to psychological processing in the brain - the body naturally seeks a state of health and wellness, in this fast paced modern world it may not get time or space for this process to occur effectively.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is not an ordinary massage. It is a unique system of bodywork that combines deep tissue massage working on the whole bowith coordinated breath-work and yoga stretching.

The session is performed on a mat on the floor for free movement and flow.

When the physical body is healthy and injury free we generally experience life in a more pleasant way.


I provide 90 minute and 60 minute sessions. The treatment can be experienced in your own home or in a woodland yurt.

Contact me to enquire about prices and details or book sessions for a retreat or corporate event

If you would like to combine the session with a personalised yoga or wellness workshop such as creative drawing we can work together to create a bespoke session so suit your needs and interests.


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