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Wellness Sessions

There are many ways to feel well, life is about finding out what works for you where you are right now.
These sessions are available for individuals and groups.



Being outside can balance stress levels, boost our immune system and calm the busy mind. It stimulates creativity and inspires us to ask questions and explore.

I provide forest wellness sessions for groups and individuals.

Outside Lives, Wepre Park and Halkyn Castle Wood in North Wales are perfect venues for group sessions.

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I provide run or walk fitness sessions to groups or individuals offering a 'couch to trail' 8 week program that can be adapted for individual or group needs. Read more

I am lucky to have spent many years exploring the Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty that includes Moel Famau Country Park and love to lead sessions in this beautiful part of the world.

If you already have a place in mind I am happy to travel to your chosen venue, I love an adventure!

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outdoor yoga group

Previous sessions have included forest school for primary and teens, family sessions, birthday parties, hen parties and corporate wellness and connection days. The sessions are designed to be inclusive.

What to expect

A typical session might involve any of the following: den building, campfire cooking, trail walking, foraging, bush-craft, treasure trails, chemistry, organic art, team building games and mindfulness activities.

The activities depend on the age group, group size, season and group intention e.g. education or party.

Fun and magic are not optional, they always just occur spontaneously!

Why in the woods? Scientists think the human species has been evolving for 300,000 years and have found evidence of our existence in Europe for 200,000 years.

In that time our ancestors were very aware that their existence relied on forests and the land and what they found there. They lived their lives according to the seasons and knew their wellness and health relied on the the quality and properties of the plants, water and air they consumed and surrounded themselves with.

It is only in recent years that our connection to the environment has become less obvious and our wellbeing has suffered as a consequence.

In the natural environment we get out of our minds and into our bodies, we attune to our natural circadian rhythms, become more present and clear.


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