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What is Yoga?


Yoga is a practice that can help you improve physical, mental and spiritual health. It teaches us techniques to help us manage stress, leading to a more peaceful, satisfying life.

What is Chair Yoga?

Also known as accessible yoga or adapted yoga, these sessions offer all of the benefits of traditional yoga classes - breath-work, philosophy, lifestyle and meditation practises.

The only difference is the 'asana' in which the physical body is exercised, stretched and strengthened is done with the support of a chair.


It suitable for any ability, it usually attracts people who are seeking to live an active lifestyle but do not want to sit or lie on the floor.

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What is Ashtanga Yoga?

People have the impression that the physical practice of Ashtanga is a strenuous and fast, it can be, but not always.

When practised as the primary series (or other series, there are six in total) the physical practice of Ashtanga is vigorous and intense, it requires a good level of strength and endurance.

When practised as Vinyassa there is a lot more freedom to slow down and vary the stretches and body movements so sessions can be adapted for different abilities and needs.

Ashtanga means '8 limbs' and the physical movements are just one of these limbs, the other 7 limbs involve practising breathing and directing energy in different ways in the body. They also invite us to consider how we think and consider our habits and behaviours.

It teaches us to enjoy life and see the bigger picture.

I have taught Ashtanga sessions for people from all walks of life  - runners, families, school children, chair yoga for people who like to use a chair for support, bilingual sessions, self-coaching, relax and restore sessions, chakra journeys, women's health, men's health and corporate wellbeing. Also, workshops teaching people how to be more creative, breathe properly, manage stress, improve mental health and avoid back-pain.

I have a huge imagination!

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